Monday, September 15, 2008

Former Reformer Rips Harper a New One

So an old-time Reform Party member has gone public and is pointing out that Harper has betrayed the original values of the folks who “brung him to the dance.” Lee Morrison was a Saskatchewan based Reform MP from 1993 – 2000 and points out his discontent in a thoughtful and damning Op-Ed in the Calgary Herald last Sunday.

Morrison called the cynical opportunism of an early election call by Harper that contradicts the spirit and sentiment of member of his own government, this also “defies statute.” That is a polite way of saying Harper has no respect for the Rule of Law or Parliament. Not the qualities of character you want to hold the most important and powerful elected office in the land.

Morrison skewers Harper for hypocrisy on fixed election dates saying, “My favourite is from Harper himself: ‘Fixed election dates stop leaders from trying to manipulate the calendar simply for partisan advantage.’” OUCH!

I have been wondering when the original Reform Party members who have integrity and are principled partisans who led the charge to Ottawa with the slogan “The West Wants In” would start telling the truth about the deceit and deception of their current “Misleader.”

Morrison is the first. Not likely to be the last.