Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harper is Taking Alberta Seats For Granted.

The Alberta attitude around this election from what I gather is who needs it and we don’t want it right now. We are busy out here in Alberta and are burned out politically. We have had a year-long PC leadership race, a provincial election and even a few folks are engaged in the Alberta Liberal leadership contest that is currently underway.

The Albertans I talk to, from all political stripes, don’t see the need for this election and don’t understand why Harper ignored his own law to call it early. Some of the Con support is determined to stay home to send a message. That happened to Klein in 2004 where 210,000 PC votes disappeared or went to the Alliance.

Looks like campaigns in all parties in Alberta are having trouble raising money and finding volunteers and there are hardly any campaign signs up. Proof positive we are not really into this election. Indifference in Alberta is only good for Harper. Money should be no problem for the Cons either. They have bags of it and are spending it like an old-style Liberal government…trying to buy the election with attack TV ads.

The Cons are ignoring the Alberta voters this election too. Looks like most of the Alberta candidates are taking their victory in Alberta for granted. The high profile Alberta Cons seem to be doing most of their campaigning for other Con candidates in Ontario. Not at home in their own constituencies. So much for “The West Wants In” spirit of the past founders of the Harper Conservatives!

I wonder if the Cons will pull the same advertising scam taking money from local Alberta candidate budgets and swapping it into the national campaign to advertise for other candidates in Ontario and Quebec. Elections Canada says that is an illegal scheme and the Cons have sued them saying it was a legal maneuver. If the Cons are so confident in their legal position, I see no reason for them not to try the same trickery again this election. In fact if they don’t use this scam again it may be evidence that they are not as confident in the legality of their actions after all.