Sunday, September 28, 2008

Harper Keeps Media Away From Candidate Cadman...Chuck's Widow

More evidence Mr. Harper is opposed to or afraid of Free Speech. Apparently reporters were not allowed to talk to Chuck Cadman's widow and Conservative candidate at a recent Harper political rally in B.C.. This is leadership in a a free and open society that values democracy? Harper clearly does not want citizen to get informed on the issues in this campaign nor to investigate his political character in this election.

Harper fears what will happen if citizens engage, get informed and show up to vote. They may make a consider decision and not be subjected only to the mediated and manipulated by spin by the Harper War Room.

It is even more alarming to consider the point in this CTV blog post that the RCMP may be engaging in partisan politics beyond "protecting" Harper. It appears they are actively keeping reporters away from speaking to protesters and candidates. If so they are not "Serving and Protecting." They are keeping the truth from Canadians.

UPDATE: I just got Kady O'Malley's take on this RCMP shilling too. It is worth reading and reflecting on as Harper rehearses for a police state.