Friday, September 05, 2008

Harper May Not Be Breaking His Election Law But He is Breaking Another Promise

There was an idea I explored in this Blog a few days ago that the Governor General should make her Prime Minister prove his allegations before calling an election. Harper is going to submit that he can no longer govern due to a dysfunctional Parliament and that the House of Commons lost confidence in his government is getting some heavy weight support. I think he should be required to prove those allegations befor any election proceeds.

A recent newspaper story is showing some other heavyweight policy thinkers are on the same wave length.

It is an open question if Harper will have broken his own law around fixed election dates. For sure the “fix is in” and he want an election now, on his terms for his advantage and on his timing. Silly citizens who think elections about them have to realize they are the not focus of any Harper election scam.

Maybe there is a legal issue around Harper’s attempt to call an election on such unproven grounds and with no relevant evidence to support this claims in the face of his fixed date election law. Maybe we need to have that question of law put as a Reference to the Supreme Court for a ruling.

The Supremes recently dealt with the BCE privatization matter very expeditiously. No reason to believe they couldn’t do it just as expeditiously. This time it would be for the sake of preserving the Rule of Law and an effective democracy in the land.

In any event we don't know for sure if Harper is breaking the law in his attempt to force an election now. One thing for sure his actions are a breach of trust with the spirit and intent of the fixed election dates law. One thing for sure is that Harper is a promise breaker - and he is about to do that again.