Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harper Takes on Alberta's Natural Resource Rights Over Oil Sands.

I like what the Sudbury Star has to say in its Editorial Today. Isn't this supposed to be Deep Blue Harper country? People are catching on to Harper, taking a second look and realizing he can't be trusted.

As for bring a steady hand on the economy in uncertain times, he blew that in Calgary on Friday. He created enormous uncertainty in the Alberta oilsands sector with his no bitumen export sales unless he says so. This is a direct interference in Alberta's Constitutinal right of control over natrual resources.

It is not just an Alberta issue since the oilsands are the only thing driving the Canadian economy these days. Remember 60% of all Canadian oilsands activity and money happens outside Alberta. Everyone will suffer from the inevitable economic declines adn increased political uncertainty due to Harper's interference in the marketplace. Some free trader he has turned out to be.