Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah is Palin' and McCain is Too!

Sarah is Palin’ and McCain is too. Obama gets a big time Democratic Convention Bounce.

McCain is getting so beat up over his impulsive judgment or lack of judgment about his choice of Sarah Palin for VP that he needs political crutches to get around. Saying a thorough vetting was done in a day and a 3 hour interview to pick a person who has the potential to be the leader of the free world is not about good governance. It is about pure politics.

Too bad our Westminster system of governance does not provide for a Ticket approach to electing leaders like the Americans have. I figure Sarah Palin would be a perfect choice for Harper's Deputy Prime Minister. We see many Canadians in envy of the American political and electoral process - maybe we should borrow a page and have a leadership Ticket.

Seems as if Sarah used to be part of an Alaskan Independence movement and wanted to have Alaska separate from the US. So that tells me she has some sensitivity if not real insight into Canadian politics already.

Reality check!!!

Does anyone believe for a minute Harper would actually allow anyone to be designated Deputy Prime Minister, even someone as perfect as Palin, given his control freak fetish. Not going to happen. Harper believes in the Power of One and is a team of one.