Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin and Alaskan Independence Party (AIP)

Maybe Governor Palin was not a member of the Alaska Independence Party and only her husband was. I think the record is clear abouot him but fuzzy in her regard.

According to a clip in this video some folks in the AIP seem to remember that she was a one time member. But what do they know and what does that prove? No much. Only thing for sure is a smoking gun.

It is kind of like the half truths and diversionary tactics that Harper uses on things like his Quebec-centric IN-OUT Campaign Advertising Scams and the Cadman Insurance Affair...then there is the BS about a dysfuntional Parliament. It is about being shifty and not straight up and fessing up. Straight up and fessing up is not Harper's style.

I suggest that if she ever was an AIP member, so what. People change and learn and adapt and move on. If she still is an AIP member that is a problem. Given that she is now a Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate running under a campaign theme of Country First, that is a problem.