Friday, September 05, 2008

Three Cabinet Ministers Resign on Harper...Here is Why.

The CAITI Blog shows us more of Prime Minister Harper’s true colours as a conniving control freak. This post details reasons why three of his Cabinet Ministers are resigning. Small wonder they no longer wish to be part of his megalomania.

Good work CAITI - the truth about Harper has to be told just like it is. Harper is a bad leader. He is a one-trick phony who cannot be trusted and he has to go. He must be defeated before his slippery and sly schemes do some serious long lasting harm to the nation and its citizens.

New reports say he admitted, under oath, his culpability in the sad and shameful Cadman Insurance Affair last week. The tainted meat deaths will soon be shown to relate to his reckless cutbacks of funding and staffing of government food inspections. He did that so he could save a bit of money and brag about it as an example of his sound fiscal management skills.

When he was warned about the potential danger and consequences of the cutbacks, Harper fired the civil servant whistleblower to told the truth to his power. Remember last election when Harper turfed a local nominated candidate so he could run the Adscam whistleblower in Ottawa instead? The former Conservative candidate had to sue the Prime Minister to make good on his promise to his own candidate. At least that candidate was not part of Harper's too cute by-a-half IN-OUT advertising scheme of his own making last election. If Harper treats his own supporters so shabbily, just imagine what he would do to an ordinary person who got in his way or told him the truth.

Well the Adscam whistleblower is not running for Harper in this election I'll wager. In fact he is pretty peeved with the Prime Minister for firing the food inspector whisleblower after bragging about how open, transparent and accountable his new government was going to be when it cleaned up Ottawa. Harper disregards and shows disdain for those principles he promoted last election. It would be bad enough if such situational ethics were merely disappointing but I actually find them to be disgusting.

The lowering of governments ability to perform is role and responsibility to protect the public, like ensuring we have independent professional and sufficient food inspections, does not save money Mr. Harper. It costs Canadian lives. Fifteen lives so far Mr Harper. Such short sighted and mean spirited actions by this Conservative Prime Minister proves that he is dishonourable, untrustworthy and inadequate to serve in our highest office. He seems indifferent to his duty to act in the best interests of the citizens of Canada. His purpose is not peace, order and good government. His agenda is absolute personal political power. His numerous proven and documented character flaws make him unworthy of our consent to govern us. He must be stopped and defeated in this election.