Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Does Anyone Know the REAL Stephen Harper In This Election?

Harper could be the second Conservative leader in a generation to utter Brian Mulroney’s 1984 election appeal to “Give me four years, and you won’t recognize this country.”

Scary thought given what we see about how Harper is following the George Bush Neo-Republican values. Scary thought given how little we know actually about the REAL Stephen Harper.

In 2003 when Harper "delivered" the now famous cribbed John Howard speech, he was saying Canada should support George Bush in follow his blundering and go to war with Iraq. Harper was obviously a scary guy then. Harper had a hidden agenda then. He has a hidden agenda now.

He was intent on buying into George Bush's many policy mistakes from a disastrous social policy, to the folly of his foreign policy, and an anemic environmental policy. Now we see the devastation from the Bush White House crisis creating devastating economic policy. Harper is totally aligned with Bush on all counts and he will take Canada down the same destructive path as Bush has done to America.

What if McCain becomes President and Harper gets a majority? What if McCain actually does want to "Bomb, Bomb. Bomb...Bomb Bomb Iran"? (Apologies to the Beach Boys and Barbara Ann). If so, will Harper follow him into such a foolish and deadly folly, just as he wanted to with Bush in Iraq, a couple of short years ago. I think so. I think you can count on it.

The facts are that nothing has really changed about Stephen Harper since those scary days ---before Harper had power. And now we know, since he was given political power in 2006, he can't be trusted to tell us the truth. Nor does he keep his word and he ignores his own laws, like about election dates.

Sure Harper is wearing sweater vests to soften his "image", and shifting his share of the blame to underlings. He is also spending a shitillion bucks on television advertising dollars trying to convince Canadians his former mean-spirited and bullying self is no longer a clone of the Bush Republican politician that he was a couple of years ago. There is a new "REAL" Stephen Harper on the political shelf that we are supposed to "buy" and vote for without thinking or questioning.

But it is not working for Harper because the big bucks spent for campaign advertising will not change our values and it merely modifes our opinions temporarily. We are coming to realize that Harper is out of sync with Canadian's values. We are starting to rethink our priorities and looking at voting our values instead of being suckered by slick and conniving advertising campaigns.

When you take a moment to think about it, we don’t really know who the REAL Stephen Harper is, do we? Which masterful manipulation of the truth behind the “REAL” Stephen Harper do you think is the authentic person? Do you know what really motivates the Real Stephen Harper? Can you rest assured that as a politician he is more concerned about your best interests than his personal lust for political power?

Can you really believe in him and trust in him if you can’t depend on him to tell the truth, obey the law, and be open, accountable and forthright with you? Are you confident you know Harper's real intentions as our Prime Minister? Are you comfortable with giving Harper the absolute power of a majority government this election with all these unanswered questions?

Harper is not a leader. He is a MISLEADER. Think twice Canada and be very careful who you vote for. In uncertain times like now we need to be able to trust our leaders and rely on their integrity.

Until we are sure we are being shown the REAL Stephen Harper in this campaign we need to be cautious about how much power we give him. When the Conservative War Room stops selling us a facade and facsimile of a slick and softer Stephen Harper, we just can’t trust in him, rely up on him or believe in him. He is REALLY not worth the risk.