Tuesday, September 30, 2008

JIm Ford is Still the One for Edmonton Sherwood Park

The “TrueBlueReformer” has a blog under He can’t understand why sending an Independent Conservative to Ottawa instead of the “official” Conservative candidate would send Harper a message. I recommended in an earlier post that Edmonton Sherwood Park elect Jim Ford, as an Independent Conservative for those very reasons.

Here is a link to that earlier post with my endorsement.

I have to wonder about these cloak-and-dagger Conservatives and their supporters. Why do they always hide behind anonymity in the blogosphere? Who are these people? Why should we believe anything they say? Why do they have to hide their identities? What are they afraid of – the truth? Who are they afraid of – the public?

I think these true believers of the Harper hypocrisy are guys who are set up to spout off but who are really afraid in their heart of hearts. They fear the political process in a free and open democracy. They fear their party henchmen and they fear their leader.

Hidden identities from party operatives trolling the Blogs means there is also a hidden agenda! Harper does not want power – he wants absolute power. We all know the truth that power corrupts. That is why the Liberals lost the last election and Canadians decided to give Harper a controlled and limited chance to govern by electing a Conservative minority.

That political experiment with Harper is our Prime Minister has proven to be a failure. The power has already corrupted Harper and the Conservative Party in just over 2 years. His record, his manipulation of the facts, the abuse and bullying, the command and control top-down centralization of political power exclusively in the PMO is proof he is not the right stuff to govern.

If he gets absolute power through a majority government one can expect it will corrupt him absolutely in less than 2 years. Harper is not worth this risk! He has shown that he is a risk to our freedoms as citizens by the way he uses power for personal political purposes, and not the greater good of the country.