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Friday, September 04, 2009

Al Franken is a Quality Politician

Here is Al Franken, who get belittled for being a comic, having a rational and respectful conversation with Americans on healthcare. This is not the disruptive town hall the Republicans have perpetrated in the name of democracy. This is how the system of discussing issues ought to be.

We need more politicians like this and more respectful real information and genuine concern sharing in all "mature" democracies.

I hope the Harper Con War Room is rethinking its standard operation procedure in the next election and decides to show some respect for voter's intelligence this next election.


  1. It's a good clip but he was also talking to respectful people who gave him a chance. It is a model dialogue, with both sides acting like we all should.

  2. Albert S8:59 am

    Hi Ken. I read your blog on an pretty intermittant basis and make comment even more sporadically. But I feel I have to make comment on this post. You have provided us with a link to a clip that shows some respectful people having a presentable conversation with each other. As you point out this is something we could use more of. Then I read your previous post about Steven Harper and thought how hippocritical you are. You seem to want to portray the message that Republican and Conservative minded people are responsible for all the disruptive and rude behaviour in our society. Good grief Ken, give your head a shake. In your recent post you are asking that bloggers be included as media in the upcoming Wild Rose Alliance party convention. I have no issue with that except that bloggers who want to act as media need to put forth "more respectful real information and genuine concern sharing" in a mature manner. You are entitled to your opinion but you need "to show respect for voter intelligence" in order to become a respected blogger. Don't tell us "This is how the system of discussing issues ought to be". Show us.

  3. Thx for the comment Albert S - I think I have been able to support with examples and facts every allegation I make against Mr. Harper. I also discuss specific examples of his methods of how he plays politics versus providing good goverment, especially in tough economic times.

    I think my posts show I do respect voter intelligence. I also see voters turned off so badly because of badly behaving and deceiving politicians. The voters are reacting by withdrawing from the politics of our time. That is a dangerous development for democracy because if citizen leave the field, those who remain get to play the game and run the show only by their rules. That is the clear and prsent danger to democracy.

    If anyone can rebut or refute my facts about Mr. Harper, I am more than prepared to stand corrected and admit errors - it has happened.

    However, what we get back in comments from most critics of me are talking points from the war room or shallow unsubstantiated shibboleths. Present company excluded!

    Again thanks for the comment, but still - who are you and why won't you tell us?

    I interpret events and actions by politicians as I see them. Sometimes a harshness is founded. In Mr. Harper's case, I believe harsh criticism is well founded.


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