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Friday, September 25, 2009

Who Can You Trust & Believe About Power Transmission Issues?

I did an interview today for CBC radio programWildrose on Bill 50 and electrical transmission and distribution issues. WHO can you believe, WHO can you trust and what are the facts?

There seems to be more heat than light in the discussions so far. Such a serious issue that the public interest has to trump the corporate posturing that seems to be emerging.

Here the interview on this link. It starts at 7:49 on the Friday September 25 program.


  1. Best line:

    Interviewer: What position will the government take on this issue?

    Ken: The fetal position.

    Is it a possible for the public (members of the public) to simply start calling public input session on our own... advertising them and have anyone who wants to present come and present. That sort of strategy was what Joe Anglin employed during the Bill 19 debate (or lack thereof). By the end, the MLAs were coming out and other interested groups were sponsoring their own open houses/forums.

    The interviewer is entirely correct. The average Albertan simply doesn't understand this issue. I include myself here.

    Without a full public debate even those of us who want to understand won't have a place to start.

  2. Anonymous10:24 am

    I am starting to wonder if transmission issues in Alberta illustrates another phenomena in Alberta, in that Alberta is a collection of separate and distince communities that work but taken together as a Province it doesn't function well in all domains. When I reflect on this Alberta has no unifying vision of common purpose that could bring all our individual communites together. If it did, then I submit that issues like electrical transmission could be much easier to complete.

    I have submitted anonymous comments on this topic and explained further my views on this subject that could be read at

  3. Thx Anon @10:24 - I appreciate the link to the davebeta blog and will read the essay he links to on Bill 50. I think I will have to start dealing with your observations on my other policy based blog at


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