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Friday, September 11, 2009

Prime Minister Harper - Just Visiting!

This is such a clever presention of some truth about Stephen Harper and his relations to the United States. He doesn't accomplish anything in improving Canada - US relations. He just visits, and visits and visits. Harper is off to Washington again...very soon...for another visit...too true to from.

He wants us to think he is aligned with President Obama on Climate Change. He is not.

He wants us to think he has the best interests of Alberta's oilsands at heart. He does not.

He is just visiting the United States - all the time.

(h/t @DanWoy on Twitter)

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  1. Graham Fletcher11:10 pm

    Ken: Going back to the softwood lumber that Harper resolved that he inherited from the LIbs, and going forward to may want to do some rebalancing of the rant. For instance, the Libs have been yapping about the relationship between George Bush and Harper, but it was the Libs in the U.S that jammed "buy America". So maybe having friends is a good thing? Like the greenest PM in Canadian history getting the Clean Air Act passed when Mulroney did the deal with the other Bush.

    How do you think the Libs would do in front of the Americans that the Libs have been insulting and denigrating for years. Remember LIbs stomping on the American flag? Even Iggy the American/Canadian/Brit would have trouble with that baggage tied around his neck.

    However, even some of the Main Stream Media is giving kudos to Harper for a great meeting, solving in a few minutes the stupid air rules for hockey players, and is now in front of those morons Reid and Pellosi to pitch "free trade forget buy American" after receiving Presidential support.

    Just visiting? You wish.


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