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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harper Promises Other Parties to "Teach Them a Lesson" Next Election

Mr Harper says he is going to show the separatist and the socialists and teach them a lesson. Kind of like "you just wait until your father comes home Canada. There are going to be consequences if you don't give him a majority next election.

Harper and the strict and abusive father-figure is at his best in the Sault Ste Marie speech.

I always thought elections were the chance for citizens to teach abusive and arrogant politicians a lesson! Not in world of Harper's-Your-Daddy-and-you-better-obey-him-politics.


  1. Graham Fletcher10:01 pm

    Love the video. Love the guy.

    Iggy's response was embarrassing. Talking about how he rejected the Coalition - yeah after he signed it - and that he could have been PM now, but decided to pass on that at the time. A true great spirit. And this dud wants to be PM? My god - where does he have any connection with everyday Canadians. All the charm, wit and charisma of a chair. At least our guy gets animated in front of the hometown crowd.

    Iggy's astonished that Harper wants a majority? wants to get rid of the boondoggle Gun Registry? Wants to try to re-balance the Left leaning judiciary? Calls the NDP and the Bloc socialists and separatists?
    Wow - none of us saw this coming did we? Major revelation.

    What was the revelation, is that the video is about a somewhat private presentation, delivered to the Liberals, and then delivered to the Liberals, er uh, the CBC I mean. And the CBC is almost giddy about showing it because for some reason they think that normal speak is not 'Correct' speak. The Libs and the CBC have been lying for so long they think that plain talk is somehow..... A BIG THING!! and so rare that you make a news feature about it.


    Way to go Harper. Coalition II is as frightening as Coalition the Original.

  2. The speech obviously would appeal to Conservative Kool-Aid drinkers like yourself, Graham. The rest of the country, no so much - there's a reason that Harper gave this speech behind what he thought was closed doors and forbidden to media access. He didnt want to show off himself unmuzzled.

  3. Considering the undeclared but apparent "Purple Coalition" between Harper and Layton, it's hard to see his words holding as much water as a kitchen strainer.

  4. Graham Fletcher9:27 am

    Scott - Keep in mind that the "rest of the country" includes a whole lot of Cons like me who would like this presentation a whole lot.

    What I find amazing is how so many people in the MSM and on the Lib side see that the Coalition is almost benign - that running a country with the veto of people who want to break up the country is really not that interesting. It's so much scarier and insulting that Harper would call these separatists "separatists". Nuts.

    But then again Pierre Laporte was a neighbor when I lived in Quebec, and I knew his family. I know these separatist, FLQ people are nuts and dangerous, and most may not have that perspective.


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