Friday, February 08, 2008

Daveberta and Ken Chapman Get Ready to Rumble on CITYTV Next Friday Morning

So the uber-Blogger Daveberta and I go head to head next Friday morning on CITY TV in Edmonton punditing and pontificating about things electoral in Alberta.

I am the PC but not like the one in the now famous Malcolm Mayes cartoon in the Edmonton Journal. My brand of PC is PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE.

If you are not familiar with the cartoon, you need to be. Dave is using all over his site as his personal Brand...kinda like Donald Trump's comb-over. Check it out there.

Round One starts live at 7:40 am on the Breakfast Show. Good thing I am a morning person.

Nice to see Hill & Knowlton (the competition…?) linking to this blog. Smart people hanging out over there.


McCAIN is a lead pipe cinch for the Republican nomination and his VP nominee?

That will be Rudy Giuliani…count on it. Remember you heard it here first.