Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daveberta Cleans UP at 2007 Canadian Blog Awards

Daveberta has won the Canadian Blog awards…CORRECTION. Daveberta has cleaned up at the 2007 Canadian Blog awards. He has been voted the 2007 Best Progressive Blogger, the Best Political Blogger and the Best Blogosphere Citizen.

Dave is a talented and quality guy and has a devilish sense of humour. Just ask the Premier's Office. I can’t help thinking that in spite of it all those personal and blogger qualities, that Dave owes a bunch of this Canadian Blog Awards success to -whoever he is :~}.

Ralph Klein once made Kevin Taft as best selling author over one of his book length policy pamphlets. Klein sold a truck load of Taft’s books by calling Dr. T a Communist. “Plus change…etc.”

Congratulations Dave – well deserved.

Now get ready my friend. I understand you and I get to politically rumble on the CityTV Breakfast Show a few times in this election. Watch this space to dates and times.