Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Election Time in Alberta and the Future is the Issue.

I always enjoy the Edmonton Journal’s Paula Simons’ perspective on things. We mostly align but not always. Well her column today is almost a total overlap as how I see the transition between Klein and Stelmach. It is worth a read.

Stelmach is too much of a gentleman to run against Klein. I do recall Klein ran against the Getty record rather successfully back in the day. The “messes” of the past are being addressed by Stelmach and he is putting his own stamp on how his government will operate and his more inclusive and integrated policy focus. Stelmach is a change and shift away from the old days. He is thoughtful, reflective, caring and capable - and a refreshing change as we now focus on the planning and positioning of the province for the future.

This blog will focus mostly on the election with posts from an Albertan with a Progressive and Conservative perspective. I intend to explore and engage on a wide range of issues and events through out the campaign. I am hoping to encourage more citizen engagement and some serious commitment of time and energy so folks can see a reason to return to politics as a positive part of their lives.

My focus is to try and get a better government that is progressive and conservative and to help readers/citizens/voters understand how that vital and effective combination of principles can be the best way to go forward as a province. I expect contrarian and complementary comments but I also expect civility as the basis for the conversations too.
I am also working professionally on some issues for clients and will be careful to advise when a comment or a post is about a client’s activities and objectives too.

Elections are about choices and changes. They are about getting on with determining the destination and directions for the new Alberta. Apathy is boring and not an option if you value your democratic freedoms. So this time – in this election - get engaged Alberta – it is our future that is at stake.