Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who Says Goodbye After Super Tuesday?

So Super Tuesday is finally here. Some friends and I are going to get together to watch this event - the Super Bowl for Policy Wonks.

McCain comes out with an impressive lead and momentum and the Republican royalty finally behind him. Huckabee is fading fast and repositioning for a VP gig on a McCain ticket but Lieberman has the inside track. Romney is too “rich” for any true red Republican and has tried to buy the nomination. Where Giuliani was too little to late, Romney has been too much (as in money) too soon. Ron Paul is done too but get immortalized as the Libertarian anti-Ralph Nader to his cult following.

Obama and Clinton are neck and neck at the end of the day. Obama has the MO and Clinton and the Democratic royalty behind her. The outcome is unknown here and will be up to and including the convention in August. Too back Edwards pulled out when he did! He could have picked the winner with an endorsement in August is he had hung in.

The Dems have to choose between town competing liberal principles. Do they want a black or a woman for their President? Too bad Oprah wasn’t the running – they could get both.