Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dion's Carbon Tax-Shift Policy Will Give Canadians a Positive Choice for the Future

I expect the John Baird Character assassinator and Harper's Pit-Bully Peter Van Loan to be in full screaming rant today as Dion releases his tax-shifting policy approach to carbon reduction.

Starting today, there is going to be a definite difference in the political and policy choices being offered to Canadians over this summer. The choice Harper offers is a contuation of his rearview mirror approach of trying to perfect yesterday. Harper will be pushing political buttons with misleading messaging based on outmoded mental models that are reckless and feckless. He and his ilk still believe that growth at any speed in any way is the way to the preferred future regardless of the social and environmental costs.

Canadians will get to compare Harper’s perpetuation of the post-industrial to the Dion who is offering us the chance to change our attitudes. Dion will be saying we need get serious about taking on the challenges of our planet and design our future prosperity with a goal of sustainability. Dion messages will be thought-provoking and engaging. Harper will continue to be misleading and giving us mind-numbing messages telling us it is ok to go back to sleep and that we don’t need to worry.

We have to get serious as a species about learning how to adapt to an integrated stewardship approach to growth and prosperity. We need to take this reality to heart and engage with a head on focus and a sense of urgency.

I have not seen the Dion tax-shift carbon policy yet but all indications are that it is serious and significant. This policy is not one of those senseless ballot- candy ploys like a Harper 2% GST "reduction." I hope engaged and thoughtful Canadians will take the time to learn, understand and reflect on the substance and implications of what is being proposed. That means we will also be able to cut through the crap the Cons will be throwing out there.

Thought-leading and engaged Canadians need to look at their policy options and political choices beyond the canned commentary of the usual suspects in the mainstream media machines. I expect they will only look at this choice of futures as a political horserace and avoid the pith and substance of the policy options because that takes time to digest and vigor to explain.


  1. one alberta voter11:49 am

    Dion has finally put the question squarely in front of Canadians of whether we are prepared to get serious about climate change, and what we are prepared to do (and to sacrifice) to show that seriousness. His proposal might not be the final answer (what is?) but I give him full credit for putting a bold and credible proposal out there to get discussion going. Let's hope Canadians and the media focus on the substantive debate, and not punish him for his courage to wade into difficult waters.

  2. Anonymous8:01 pm

    I think that Dion's carbon tax is utterly ridiculous. We are an over tax country and this supposed leader want's to add more taxes! Read my Lips....No more new taxes stupid!!!!

  3. I disagree. Canadians should punish Dion for such a poorly thought out policy. His way of helping farmers who spend an inordinate amount of money - give them a $150 tax credit (or at 26% for credits, a whopping $39).

    Farmers might as well sell the farm with those amounts. This guy must have never gone out of his ivory tower.

    The media and Canadians in general out to punish this idiot for even thinking of such a ridicolous idea.

    ...remember Kyoto which was signed - that sure did a lot!

  4. Anonymous3:03 am

    It takes courage to put a plan out for public debate knowing the attack dogs of the Conservative party will engage in ad hominem attacks. What has Harper ever done except run negative ads about his opponent.

    Stephen Harper is no leader. He has no plan. So far Harper's contribution to the debate is too squeal that the plan "screw everybody". The chess player is all bully tactics and no plan or substance.

    It is disappointing. I had really hoped that Harper was up to the challenge to put forward his own plan and have a real debate in this country about carbon taxes.

  5. Anonymous2:40 pm

    In saying "screw everybody", Harper said what was on the minds of average Canadians. Just like Pierre Poilievre when he legitimately questioned when we will have to stop paying and paying.

    Common sense. Steven Harper. The Conservative way.

    Demand better!

  6. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Ken was praising Dion's massive carbon tax EVEN BEFORE seeing the details (odd logic isn't it) - it is pretty clear that you are merely a Dion cheerleader and do not offer any substantive comments on the merits of introducing a massive carbon tax.